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Preservation slip cases

Importance of slip cases for book preservation:

  • Direct light, is very harmful to books, and avoiding dusts carrying funguses and insects.
  • Being a second cover, thus avoiding handling fragile bindings.
  • Best protecting a book that cannot be restored (e.g if the binding is not codified) and likely to be damaged on a bookshelf.

A good-quality case binding protects a book against all kinds of aggression.
The qualities of a case especially lie in the choice of the materials used such as preservation cardboard, good quality paper (no ground wood due to very acidic)…

Several kinds of slip cases can be found. Here are a few:

  • Preservation slip cases: For old bindings which need to be protected, they are made with acidless cardboard and preservation cover materials. They shut the book in completely.
  • Binding slip cases: They will be chosen for more modern bindings, they usually match the binding and show the book spine when it is on a shelf.
  • File folders: These are slip cases for thinner books, they thoroughly cover the book they protect.
illustration illustration
  • Flexible slip cases: Such little book jackets suit small-sized books and show their spines.

Case-binding is useful to make blotting-pads and all kinds of boxes…