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Old books imitation bindings


When a book has lost its binding or has no binding, it is always possible to make an imitation binding in order to keep the book in a good condition. Such binding is characteristic of the old structure corresponding to the period when the book was made, and in general it is visible.
The book-lover and the restorer will discuss together to choose the best structure. Following historical and financial reasons there will perhaps be several opportunities to study.

Type of "Reliure Lyonnaise" from 1540

illustration illustration (click here to download the entire study about the "Reliure Lyonnaise" - French - pdf 13 MB)

Parchments structures

Such structures are excellent to preserve paperback books set on a bookshelf. However, sometimes a paperback book should be kept in a preservation box, if the structure has interesting historical specificities. In fact, each book is a particular case whose structure needs to be discussed about.

An imitation binding can also be a blank book necessary for a film, a hand-written book, or a visitors' book.

Small Parchments structures


Different structures and seams of the XVIII th century