Mon activité de Restauration de Livres Anciens est arrêtée.

You said book restoration ?


The restorer's job:


The book restorer's job is to restore each element of a book (paper, cardboard, leather, parchment) returning the book's:

  • Strength, in order to continue to use the book normally,
  • Old appearance as it would look like if the book was well preserved.

The book restorer takes into account the unique, and specific qualities of each book, and restores the book using the same methods as used in the past.

In order to ensure the book is restored correctly, the restorer must follow the deontology codes necessary to ensure a good preservation. The restorer must comply with the BNF (French National Library) specifications, provide strict guidelines to follow and the products to use.

The job deontology:

  • My job is reversible ; each graft can be removed without causing the book ans harm.
  • I respect old techniques and the specificities of each period. That is why an uncodified structure will not be restored in order to respect the techniques that the bookbinder used in his time.
  • I work only with materials that do not affect the book, non-acidic products, which do not decompose for many years.
  • I use materials historically compatible with materials of the books relevant time period. Leather is restored with leather, old-rag paper with a chemically compatible old-rag paper.
  • The aim of my work is to restore a book, and ensure any repairs are invisible, yet the work must be noticeable in order not to mistake the book-lover. The grafts will be stumped in order not to attract attention.
  • I do not recommend restoring any gilding. Old bookbinder's brasses are no longer available. It is impossible to obtain gilding materials which are similar to the old ones. However, it is possible to remake the blind tooling filets to restructure the gilding.