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The binding is the first contact with a book; it must be in harmony with its content.
A book must be attractive to the eye and to the hand; its materials are essential: parchment, papers, linens, skins.
Bindings make the book beautiful, strong and easy to go through.

A binding also strengthens a book which might be damaged for ever. Therefore, it is preserved for future generations who will appreciate going through it.
Each book has a personality, a spirit, an atmosphere. It is up to the owner and the book-binder to understand its complexity and to transmit it into the appropriate binding. Then, the work to do is imagined by the two of them.

Among likely bindings, there are:

  • Linen binding: It is possible to inlay a print, or the original cover.
  • Skin-binding: It is traditional working with full-skin, half-skin, spine and corners, spine and stripes.
  • Creative binding: it is possible to use a mosaic of skins, of playing with thickness, materials, prints.

Binding goals:


  • Protecting a book so often read and referred to.
  • Covering a beloved book.
  • Strengthening books weakened with time.
  • Giving back a book its cover.


  • Offering a beautiful lasting object.
  • Choosing to offer an original baby-book.


  • Changing a note-book into a book.
  • Gathering documents in a unique one.
  • Giving a special text an original cover.
  • Making a bookself more pleasant to admire.


  • Making a personalised visitors' book.
  • Creating a photo album in harmony with its content.
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